W. Glenn Duncan

W. Glenn Duncan was born in the USA. He lived in various states before settling in Australia with his family. He was an author, journalist, and pilot. He is the creator of 'Rafferty', an ex-policeman turned private investigator in Dallas, Texas. The series was continued by his son, W. Glenn Duncan Jr. Visit also this site. All the 'Rafferty' books have been republished as by 'Bill Duncan'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Rafferty's Rules  1987
 2) Rafferty: Last Seen Alive  1987
 3) Rafferty: Poor Dead Cricket  1988
 4) Rafferty: Wrong Place, Wrong Time  1989
 5) Rafferty: Cannon's Mouth  1990
 6) Rafferty: Fatal Sisters (Shamus Award)  1990