Howard Engel
Pseudonym: F.X. Woolf (with Janet Hamilton)

Howard Engel was born in St. Catharines, Canada. He was an author and CBC producer who lived in Toronto, Canada. He is the creator of:
1. 'Benny Cooperman', a Jewish private investigator in Grantham, Ontario.
2. 'Mike Ward', a Canadian journalist in the 1940s.
He also wrote together with Janet Hamilton under the joint pseudonym 'F.X. Woolf'.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Benny Cooperman' Novels
 1) The Suicide Notice (UK and US Title: The Suicide Murders [1980])  1980
 2) The Ransom Game  1981
 3) Murder on Location  1982
 4) Murder Sees the Light (Arthur Ellis Award)  1984
 5) A City Called July  1986
 6) A Victim Must Be Found  1988
 7) Dead and Buried  1990
 8) There Was an Old Woman  1993
 9) Getting Away with Murder  1995
10) The Cooperman Variations  2001
11) Memory Book  2005
12) East of Suez  2008
13) The Whole Megillah (e-novella)  2012
'Mike Ward' Novels
 1) Murder in Montparnasse  1992
 2) City of Fallen Angels  2014
Other Novels
 1) Mr. Doyle and Dr. Bell  1997
As 'F.X. Woolf' (with Janet Hamilton)
 1) Murder in Space  1985