Hallie Ephron (G.H. Ephron)

Hallie Elizabeth Ephron was born in Los Angeles, California. She is a novelist, book reviewer, journalist and writing teacher. She also wrote together with Donald Davidoff, a neuropsychologist at Harvard's McLean Hospital under the name G.H. Ephron. These novels feature Dr. Peter Zak and investigator Annie Squires. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 ‘Peter Zak and Annie Squires’ Novels (as 'G.H. Ephron' with Donald Davidoff)
 1) Amnesia  2000
 2) Addiction  2001
 3) Delusion  2002
 4) Obsessed  2003
 5) Guilt  2004
 Other Novels
 1) Never Tell a Lie  2009
 2) Come and Find Me  2011
 3) There Was an Old Woman  2013
 4) Photoplay (e-novella)  2015
 5) Night Night, Sleep Tight  2015
 6) You'll Never Know, Dear  2017
 7) Careful What You Wish For  2019