Roberta Gellis

Roberta Leah Jacobs Gellis was born in Brooklyn, New York City. She also wrote science fiction, fantasy and historical novels. She is the creator of 'Magdalene la Bâtarde', a madam-turned-amateur sleuth in 12th-century London.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Magdalene la Bâtarde' Novels
 1) A Mortal Bane  1999
 2) A Personal Devil  2001
 3) Bone of Contention  2002
 4) Chains of Folly  2006
 Other Novels
 1) Sing Witch, Sing Death  1975
 2) A Delicate Balance  1993
 3) Lucrezia Borgia and the Mother of Poisons  2003