Kelly Hashway

Kelly Hashway is an author, freelance editor and former teacher. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. She also writes romances under the pseudonym 'Ashelyn Drake' and novels for young adults. She is the creator of:
1. 'Piper Ashwell', a psychic private investigator.
2. 'Cup of Jo Mystery' series featuring Joanna Coffee, the owner of a coffee shop in Bennett Falls.
3. 'Madison Kramer', a bestselling author and amateur sleuth.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Piper Ashwell' Novels
 1) A Sight for Psychic Eyes (e-novella)  2018
 2) A Vision a Day Keeps the Killer Away  2018
 3) Read Between the Crimes  2019
 4) Drastic Crimes Call for Drastic Insights  2019
 5) You Can't Judge a Crime by Its Aura (e-novella)  2019
 6) Foresight Favors the Felon  2019
 7) Murder Is a Premonition Best Served Cold  2019
 8) It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder (e-novella)  2019
 9) Good Visions Make Good Cases (novellas) (e-book)  2019
10) A Jailbird in the Vision Is Worth Two in the Prison  2020
11) Great Crimes Read Alike  2020
12) I Spy With My Psychic Eye Someone Dead  2020
13) A Vision in Time Saves Nine  2020
14) Never Smite the Psychic That Reads You  2020
15) There's No Crime Like the Prescient  2021
16) Figth Fire with Foresight  2021
17) Something Old, Something New, Something Foretold, Corpse So Blue  Due October 2021
 'Cup of Jo Mystery' Novels
 1) Coffee and Crime (e-story)  2020
 2) Macchiatos and Murder  2020
 3) Cappuccinos and Corpses  2020
 4) Frappes and Fatalities  2020
 5) Lattes and Lynching  2021
 6) Glaces and Graves  2021
 7) Espresso and Evidence  2021
 8) Americanos and Assault  Due November 2021
 'Madison Kramer' Novels
 1) Manuscripts and Murder  2019
 2) Sequels and Serial Killers  2019
 3) Fiction and Felonies  2019