Charlotte Jay

Pseudonym of Geraldine Halls. She was born in Adelaide, Australia. After the 1960s she concentrated on mainstream novels. She also wrote under the name 'Geraldine Halls Jay'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Knife Is Feminine  1951
 2) Beat Not the Bones (Edgar Award)  1952
 3) The Fugitive Eye  1953
 4) The Yellow Turban  1955
 5) The Man Who Walked Away (US Title: The Stepfather [1958])  1958
 6) Arms for Adonis  1960
 7) A Hank of Hair  1964
 8) The Voice of the Crab  1974
As 'Geraldine Halls Jay'
 1) The Feast of the Dead (US Title: The Brink of Silence [1957])  1956