Milward Kennedy
Pseudonyms: Evelyn Elder and Robert Milward Kennedy (with Archibald Gordon Macdonell)

Pseudonym of Milward Rodon Kennedy Burge. He was a civil servant, journalist, writer and literary critic. In World War I, he served with British Military Intelligence. He was the London editor of the Empire Digest. In the 1960s, he retired. He also wrote under the pseudonym 'Evelyn Elder' and together with Archibald Gordon Macdonell under the joint pseudonym 'Robert Milward Kennedy'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Corpse Guard Parade  1929
 2) The Corpse on the Mat (US Title: The Man Who Rang the Bell [1929])  1929
 3) Death in a Deck-Chair  1930
 4) Half-Mast Murder  1930
 5) Death to the Rescue  1931
 6) The Murderer of Sleep  1932
 7) Bull's Eye  1933
 8) Corpse in Cold Storage  1934
 9) Poison in the Parish  1935
10) Sic Transit Gloria (US Title: The Scornful Corpse [1936])  1936
11) I’ll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury  1937
12) It Began in New York  1943
13) Escape to Quebec  1946
14) The Top Boot  1950
15) Two's Company  1952
As 'Evelyn Elder'
 1) Murder in Black and White  1931
 2) Angel in the Case  1932
As 'Robert Milward Kennedy' (with Archibald Gordon Macdonell)
 1) The Bleston Mystery  1928