Shirley Kennett
Pseudonyms: Morgan Avery and Dakota Banks

Shirley Ann Kennett lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her family. She also writes under the pseudonyms 'Morgan Avery' and 'Dakota Banks'. She is the creator of:
1. 'P. J. Gray', a psychologist and computer expert in St. Louis, Missouri.
2. 'Mortal Path' series, an urban fantasy series featuring Maliha Crayne, a former immortal assassin (as 'Dakota Banks').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'P.J. Gray' Novels
 1) Gray Matter  1996
 2) Fire Cracker  1997
 3) Chameleon  1998
 4) Act of Betrayal (as 'Morgan Avery')  2000
 5) Time of Death  2005
'Mortal Path' Novels (as 'Dakota Banks')
 1) Dark Time  2009
 2) Sacrifice  2010
 3) Deliverance  2012
Other Novels
 1) Burning Rose  2002