Sherry Lewis
Pseudonyms: Jacklyn Brady and Sammi Carter

Sherry Lewis was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the creator of:
1. 'Fred Vickery', an amateur sleuth in Cutler, Colorado.
2. 'A Piece of Cake Mystery' series featuring Rita Lucero, the owner of the New Orleans cake shop Zydeco Cakes (under the pseudonym 'Jacklyn Brady').
3. 'Candy Shop Mystery' series featuring Abby Shaw, the owner of the Divinity Candy Shop in Paradise, Colorado (under the pseudonym 'Sammi Carter').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Fred Vickery' Novels
 1) No Place for Secrets  1995
 2) No Place Like Home  1996
 3) No Place for Death  1996
 4) No Place for Tears  1997
 5) No Place for Sin  1997
 6) No Place for Memories  1999
'A Piece of Cake Mystery' Novels (as 'Jacklyn Brady')
 1) A Sheetcake Named Desire  2011
 2) Cake on a Hot Tin Roof  2012
 3) Arsenic and Old Cake  2012
 4) The Cakes of Wrath  2013
 5) Rebel Without a Cake  2014
 6) The Cakes of Monte Cristo  2016
'Candy Shop Mystery' Novels (as 'Sammi Carter')
 1) Candy Apple Dead  2005
 2) Chocolate Dipped Death  2006
 3) Peppermint Twisted  2007
 4) Goody Goody Gunshots  2008
 5) Sucker Punch  2009
Other Novels
 1) Dead on Arrival  2017