Katia Lief
Pseudonym: Karen Ellis and Kate Pepper

Katia Spiegelman Lief was born in France to American parents. She moved to the USA as a baby and was raised in Massachusetts and New York. She teaches fiction writing at the New School in Manhattan and lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children. She is the creator of 'Karin Schaeffer', a former homicide detective. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Karin Schaeffer' Novels
 1) The Domino Killer (e-story)  2010
 2) You Are Next  2010
 3) Next Time You See Me (UK Title: Hide and Seek [2011])  2010
 4) Vanishing Girls (UK Title: The 12th Victim [2012])  2012
 5) The Money Kill (UK Title: Dead Rich [2013]) (Mary Higgins Clark Award)  2013
Other Novels
 1) Waterbury  2011
 2) Names of the Dead (UK Title: Watch You Die [2013])  2013
As 'Karen Ellis'
 1) A Map of the Dark  2018
 2) Last Night  2019
As 'Kate Pepper'
 1) Five Days in Summer (UK Title: Five Days to Die [2012])  2004
 2) Seven Minutes to Noon  2005
 3) One Cold Night  2006
 4) Here She Lies  2007