Mary-Ann Tirone Smith

Mary-Ann Tirone Smith was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. She has lived all her life in Connecticut, except for two years when she served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon. She is the creator of 'Poppy Rice', an FBI agent. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Poppy Rice' Novels
 1) Love Her Madly  2002
 2) She's Not There  2003
 3) She Smiled Sweetly  2004
Other Novels
 1) The Book of Phoebe  1985
 2) Lament for a Silver-Eyed Woman  1987
 3) The Port of Missing Man  1989
 4) Masters of Illusion  1994
 5) An American Killing  1998
 6) Dirty Water: A Red Sox Mystery (with Jere Smith)  2008