Cleve F. Adams
Pseudonyms: Franklin Charles (with Robert Leslie Bellem) and John Spain

Cleve Franklin Adams was born in Chicago, Illinois. He worked as a copper miner, detective, life insurance executive and art director for films before becoming a full-time writer. He also wrote under the pseudonym 'John Spain', and together with Robert Leslie Bellem under the joint pseudonym 'Franklin Charles'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) And Sudden Death  1940
 2) Sabotage (UK Title: Death at the Dam [1946]) (Also published as: Death Before Breakfast [1942])  1940
 3) Decoy  1941
 4) The Black Door  1941
 5) The Private Eye  1942
 6) What Price Murder  1942
 7) Up Jumped the Devil (Also published as: Murder All Over [1950])  1943
 8) The Crooking Finger  1944
 9) No Wings on a Cop (completed by Robert Leslie Bellem)  1950
10) Contraband (UK Title: Borderline Cases [1952]) (completed by Robert Leslie Bellem)  1950
11) Shady Lady (completed by Robert Leslie Bellem)  1955
As 'John Spain'
 1) Dig Me a Grave  1942
 2) Death Is Like That  1943
 3) The Evil Star  1944
As 'Franklin Charles' (with Robert Leslie Bellem)
 1) The Vice Czar Murders  1941