Pamele Beason

Pamela Beason was born in Sedan, Kansas. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. She is an author and occasionally works as a private investigator. She is the creator of:
1. 'Neema Mystery' series featuring Neema, a gorilla and Dr. Grace MacKenna in Evansburg, Washington.
2. 'Run for Your Life' series featuring Tanzania Grey, a champion runner who is running from the men who killed her parents.
3. 'Summer "Sam" Westin', a wildlife biologist.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Neema Mystery' Novels
 1) The Only Witness  2011
 2) The Only Clue  2013
 3) The Only One Left  2018
 'Run for Your Life' Novels
 1) Race with Danger  2015
 2) Race to Truth  2016
 3) Race for Justice  2018
 'Summer "Sam" Westin' Novels
 1) Endangered  2009
 2) Bear Bait  2012
 3) Undercurrents  2013
 4) Backcountry  2017
 5) Borderland  2019
 Other Novels
 1) Call of the Jaguar (e-novella)  2010
 2) On Shaky Ground (Also published as: Shaken [2011])  2010
 3) Again  2019