R.G. Belsky (Dick Belsky)
Pseudonym: Dana Perry

Richard G. Belsky was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He currently lives in New York City. He is an author and journalist. He is the creator of:
1. 'Clare Carlson', the news director for Channel 10.
2. 'Jenny McKay', a television reporter (as 'Dick Belsky').
3. 'Gil Malloy', a newspaper reporter in New York City.
4. 'Lucy Shannon', a reporter from the New York Blade (as 'Dick Belsky').
5. 'Jessie Tucker', an amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Dana Perry').
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Clare Carlson' Novels
 1) Yesterday's News  2018
 2) Below the Fold  2019
 3) The Last Scoop  2020
 4) Beyond the Headlines  2021
 'Jenny McKay' Novels (as 'Dick Belsky')
 1) South Street Confidential (Also published as: Broadcast Clues [1993])  1989
 2) Live from New York  1993
 3) The Mourning Show  1994
 4) Summertime News  1995
 'Gil Malloy' Novels
 1) The Kennedy Connection  2014
 2) The Midnight Hour (e-novella)  2015
 3) Shooting for the Stars  2015
 4) Blonde Ice  2016
 'Lucy Shannon' Novels (as 'Dick Belsky')
 1) One for the Money  1985
 2) Murder Is for Keeps  1988
 3) Loverboy (as 'R.G. Belsky')  1997
 'Jessie Tucker' Novels (as 'Dana Perry')
 1) The Silent Victim  2019
 2) The Golden Girl  2020
 Other Novels
 1) Playing Dead  1999
 2) Her Ocean Grave (as 'Dana Perry')  Due June 2021