Janet Bolin
Pseudonym: Ginger Bolton

Janet Bolin is a member of the Crime Writers of Canada. She is the creator of:
1. 'Deputy Donut Mystery' series featuring Emily Westhill, the co-owner of the Deputy Donut Café in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin (under the pseudonym 'Ginger Bolton').
2. 'Threadville Mystery' series featuring Willow Vanderling, the owner of an embroidery shop in the fictional village of Threadville, Pennsylvania.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Deputy Donut Mystery' Novels (as 'Ginger Bolton')
 1) Survival of the Fritters  2018
 2) Goodbye Cruller World  2018
 3) Jealousy Filled Donuts  2019
 4) Boston Scream Murder  2020
 5) Beyond a Reasonable Donut  2021
 6) Deck the Donuts  2021
 7) Cinnamon Twisted  2023
 8) Double Grudge Donuts  2024
 'Threadville Mystery' Novels
 1) Dire Threads  2011
 2) Threaded for Trouble  2012
 3) Thread and Buried  2013
 4) Night of the Living Thread  2014
 5) Seven Threadly Sins  2015