Howard Browne
Pseudonym: John Evans

Howard Browne was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He was an author and science fiction editor. He also wrote for television shows like Maverick, Ben Casey, and The Virginian. He is the creator of 'Paul Pine', a private investigator in Chicago, Illinois and former investigator for the Illinois State attorney's office.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Paul Pine' Novels
 1) Halo in Blood (Also published as: So Long, Sinner [1956]) (as 'John Evans')  1946
 2) Halo for Satan (as 'John Evans')  1948
 3) Halo in Brass (as 'Johna Evans')  1949
 4) The Taste of Ashes  1957
 5) The Paper Gun (short stories)  1985
 1) Thin Air  1954
 2) Pork City  1988
 3) Scotch on the Rocks  1991
 4) Incredible Ink (short stories)  1997
 5) Carbon-Copy Killer and Twelve Times Zero (novellas)  1997
 As 'John Evans'
 1) If You Have Tears (Also published as: Weep Not Fair Lady [1950]; and as: Lona [1952]; and as: The Blonde Dies First [1956])  1947