Mollie Cox Bryan
Pseudonym: Maggie Blackburn

Mollie Cox Bryan grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Waynesboro, Virginia with her family. She is the creator of:
1. 'Buttermilk Creek Mystery' series featuring Brynn MacAlister, a dairy farmer and cheese-maker in Shenandoah Springs, Virginia.
2. 'Cora Crafts Mystery' series featuring Cora Chevalier, an amateur sleuth in the fictional town of Indigo Gap, North Carolina.
3. 'Cumberland Creek Mystery' series featuring Annie Chemovitz, a former investigative reporter in Cumberland Creek, Virginia.
4. 'Victoria Town Mystery' series featuring Viv Barton, an amateur sleuth in Victoria Town, Virginia.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Buttermilk Creek Mystery' Novels
 1) Christmas Cow Bells  2019
 2) Goodnight Moo  2020
 'Cora Crafts Mystery' Novels
 1) Death Among the Doilies  2016
 2) No Charm Intended  2017
 3) Macramé Murder  2017
 4) Assault and Beadery  2018
 'Cumberland Creek Mystery' Novels
 1) Scrapbook of Secrets  2012
 2) Scrapped  2012
 3) Death of an Irish Diva  2014
 4) Scrappy Summer (e-novella)  2014
 5) A Crafty Christmas  2014
 6) Scrappily Ever After (e-novella)  2015
 7) Scrapbook of the Dead  2015
 'Victoria Town Mystery' Novels
 1) Killer Spring Fling (e-novella)  2020
 2) Masquerade Murder (e-novella)  2020
 3) Merry Scary Victorian Christmas (e-novella)  2020
 Other Novels
 1) The Jean Harlow Bombshell  2019
 As 'Maggie Blackburn'
 1) Little Bookshop of Murder  2020