Rachel Caine

Pseudonym of Roxanne Longstreet Conrad. She was born in White Sands, New Mexico. She also wrote science fiction, romantic suspense, fantasy, horror and young adult novels and used the pseudonyms 'Roxanne Longstreet', 'Roxanne Conrad', 'Julie Fortune', and 'Ian Hammell'. She is the creator of the 'Stillhouse Lake' series featuring Gwen Proctor, a woman who escaped her serial-killer husband. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Stillhouse Lake  2017
 2) Killman Creek  2017
 3) Wolfhunter River  2019
 4) Bitter Falls  2020
 5) Heartbreak Bay  2021
 6) Trapper Road (with Carrie Ryan)  2022