Iain Cameron

Iain Cameron was born in Glasgow, Scotland. In the early eighties he moved south to Brighton. He currently lives in a village in West Sussex. He has worked as a management accountant, business consultant and a nursery goods retailer. He is the creator of:
1. 'Angus Henderson', a Detective Inspector in Sussex.
2. 'Matt Flynn', an agent with the Homeland Security Agency.
3. 'Sharma and Jackson' series featuring Detective Sergeant Yami Sharma and Detective Constable Steve Jackson in Norfolk.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Angus Henderson' Novels
 1) One Last Lesson  2014
 2) Driving Into Darkness  2014
 3) Fear the Silence  2015
 4) Hunting for Crows  2016
 5) Red Red Wine  2017
 6) Night of Fire  2017
 7) Girls on Film  2018
 8) Black Quarry Farm  2019
 9) Blood Marked Pages  2020
10) Dying for Justice  2021
11) Pictures of Lily  2022
 'Matt Flynn' Novels
 1) The Pulsar Files  2018
 2) Deadly Intent  2019
 3) No Time to Lose  2021
 'Sharma and Jackson' Novels
 1) Eyes on You  2023