C.J. Carmichael

C.J. Carmichael was born in Vancouver, Canada. She currently lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband. She also writes romance novels. She is the creator of:
1. 'Bitter Root Mystery' series featuring Zak Waller, a dispatcher with the Sheriff's office in Lost Trails, Montana.
2. 'Twisted Cedar Mystery' series featuring Dougal Lachlan, a true crime writer in Twisted Cedars.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Bitter Root Mystery' Novels
 1) Bitter Roots  2017
 2) Bitter Truth  2018
 3) Bitter End  2018
 'Twisted Cedar Mystery' Novels
 1) Buried  2012
 2) Forgotten  2015
 3) Exposed  2016