Michael Allen Dymmoch

Michael Allen Dymmoch has degrees in chemistry and law enforcement. She lives in Chicago. She is the creator of 'John Thinnes and Jack Caleb', a violent crimes detective and a psychiatrist in Chicago.


Titles and year of publication:  

'John Thinnes and Jack Caleb' Novels
 1) The Man Who Understood Cats  1993
 2) The Death of the Blue Mountain Cat  1996
 3) Incendiary Designs  1998
 4) The Feline Friendship  2003
 5) White Tiger  2005
Other Novels
 1) The Fall  2004
 2) The Cymry Ring  2006
 3) Death in West Wheeling  2006
 4) M.I.A.  2008
 5) Courtin' Murder in West Wheeling  2016