Simon Gervais

Simon Gervais was born in Montreal, Canada. He is a former federal agent. He is the creator of:
1. 'Clayton White', a secret service agent.
2. 'Mike Walton', a covert operative for the International Market Stabilization Institute.
3. 'Pierce Hunt', a DEA Special Agent and former Army Ranger.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Clayton White' Novels
 1) The Last Protector  2021
 2) The Last Sentinel  2022
 3) The Last Guardian  2023
'Mike Walton' Novels
 1) The Thin Black Line  2015
 2) A Long Gray Line (e-novella)  2016
 3) A Red Dotted Line  2016
 4) A Thick Crimson Line  2018
'Pierce Hunt' Novels
 1) Hunt Them Down  2019
 2) Trained to Hunt  2019
 3) Time to Hunt  2020
Other Novels
 1) Robert Ludlum's The Blackbriar Genesis  2022