Colleen Gleason (C.M. Gleason)
Pseudonyms: Colleen Cambridge and Alex Mandon

Colleen Gleason was born in Detroit, Michigan. She currently lives near Ann Arbor, Michigan with her family. She also writes fantasy, paranormal fiction and romances under her own name and under the pseudonym 'Joss Ware'. She is the creator of:
1. 'American in Paris Mystery' series featuring Tabitha Knight, an American amateur sleuth in post-WWII Paris, France (under the pseudonym 'Colleen Cambridge').
2. 'Lincoln's White House Mystery' series featuring Adam Speed Quinn, Abraham Lincoln's trusted aide (as 'C.M. Gleason').
3. 'Marina Alexander', a pilot and adventurer (as 'C.M. Gleason').
4. 'Phyllida Bright', the housekeeper of the famous novelist Agatha Christie (under the pseudonym 'Colleen Cambridge').
5. 'Stoker & Holmes' series featuring Evaline Stoker, the sister of Bram Stoker and Mina Holmes, the niece of Sherlock Holmes in Victorian London.
6. 'Wicks Hollow' series featuring different protagonists in Wicks Hollow, a cozy town near Lake Michigan.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'American in Paris Mystery' Novels (as 'Colleen Cambridge')
 1) Mastering the Art of French Murder  2023
 2) A Murder Most French  Due April 2024
'Lincoln's White House Mystery' Novels (as 'C.M. Gleason')
 1) Murder in the Lincoln White House  2017
 2) Murder in the Oval Library  2018
 3) Murder at the Capitol  2020
'Marina Alexander' Novels (as 'C.M. Gleason')
 1) Siberian Treasure  2011
 2) Amazon Roulette  2015
 3) Sanskrit Cipher  2021
'Phyllida Bright' Novels (as 'Colleen Cambridge')
 1) Murder at Mallowan Hall  2021
 2) A Trace of Poison  2022
 3) Murder by Invitation  2023
'Stoker & Holmes' Novels
 1) The Clockwork Scarab  2013
 2) The Spiritglass Charade  2014
 3) The Chess Queen Enigma  2015
 4) The Carnelian Crow  2017
 5) The Zeppelin Deception  2019
'Wicks Hollow' Novels
 1) The Cards of Life and Death (Revised edition: Sinister Summer [2018])  2011
 2) The Shop of Shades and Secrets (Revised edition: Sinister Shadows [2018])  2011
 3) The Gems of Vice and Greed (Revised edition: Sinister Secrets [2018])  2016
 4) Sinister Sanctuary  2018
 5) Sinister Stage  2020
 6) Sinister Lang Syne  2020
As 'Alex Mandon'
 1) Murder on the Champs-Élysées  2016