Edwin Harrison
Pseudonyms: Eric Allen and Paul Dallas

Pseudonym of Eric Allen-Ballard. He was born in London. He also wrote children's books and plays for radio and television. The novels written as Edwin Harrison feature 'Sexton Blake', a detective modelled on Sherlock Holmes. See also this list for other Sexton Blake authors.


Titles and year of publication:

 'Sexton Blake' Novels
 1) Diamonds Can Be Trouble  1958
 2) The Fatal Hour  1958
 3) Killer's Playground  1959
 4) Witness to Murder  1959
 As 'Eric Allen'
 1) Eric Allen's Broadcast Stories (short stories)  1947
 2) Death on Delivery  1958
 3) Perilous Passport (Also published as: Passport to Murder [1959])  1958
 4) The Man Who Chose Death  1959
 5) Canaries Also Sing  1960
 As 'Paul Dallas'
 1) Into My Parlour  1940