Frank Heller

Pseudonym of Martin Gunnar Serner. He was born in Blekinge, Malmö, Sweden. During the First World War, he lived in Denmark. He is the creator of 'Philip Collin', a gentleman detective, rogue, and adventurer.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Philip Collin' Novels
 1) The Grand Duke's Finances  1924 (Sweden 1915)
 2) The London Adventures of Mr. Collin (Also published as: The Perilous Transactions of Mr. Collin [1924]) (short stories)  1924 (Sweden 1914)
 3) Mr. Collin Is Ruined  1925 (Sweden 1921)
 4) The Strange Adventures of Mr. Collin (short stories)  1926 (Sweden 1916)
 Other Novels
 1) The Marriage of Yussuf Khan  1923 (Sweden 1916)
 2) The Emperor's Old Clothes (Also published as: The Chinese Coats [1924])  1923 (Sweden 1918)
 3) The Thousand and Second Night (short stories)  1925 (Sweden 1923)
 4) Lead Me Into Temptation  1927 (Sweden 1919)