Geoffrey Horne
Pseudonym: Gil North

Geoffrey Horne was born in Skipton, Yorkshire. He was educated at Ermysted's Grammar School and Christ's College Cambridge. He was a civil servant in the African colonies from 1938 to 1955. He is the creator of 'Caleb Cluff' a police sergeant in the Yorkshire Dales (under the pseudonym 'Gil North').


Titles and year of publication:  

'Caleb Cluff' Novels (as 'Gil North')
 1) Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm  1960
 2) The Methods of Sergeant Cluff  1961
 3) Sergeant Cluff Goes Fishing  1962
 4) More Deaths for Sergeant Cluff  1963
 5) Sergeant Cluff and the Madmen (novelets)  1964
 6) Sergeant Cluff and the Price of Pity  1965
 7) The Confounding of Sergeant Cluff  1966
 8) Sergeant Cluff and the Day of Reckoning  1967
 9) The Procrastination of Sergeant Cluff  1969
10) No Choice for Sergeant Cluff  1971
11) Sergeant Cluff Rings True  1972
Other Novels
 1) Winter  1957
 2) Land of No Escape  1958
 3) The Man Who Was Chief  1960
 4) The Portuguese Diamonds  1961
As 'Gil North'
 1) Corpse for Kofi Katt  1978