Celia Kinsey
Pseudonyms: Abby Byne and Alice Simpson

Celia Kinsey lives in Hood River, Oregon with her husband. She is the creator of:
1. 'Bitsie's Bakeshop Mystery' series featuring Bitsie George, a professional baker and amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Abby Byne').
2. 'Felicia's Food Truck Mystery' series featuring Felicia, the owner of a food truck and amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Abby Byne').
3. 'Jane Carter', a young widow and amateur sleuth in the fictional city of Greenville during the 1920s (under the pseudonym 'Alice Simpson').
4. 'Ruby Hobbs', an amateur sleuth in 1950s Port Blanchet.
5. 'Little Tombstone Cozy Mystery' series featuring Emma Iverson, heir to Little Tombstone's motel in Amatista, New Mexico and amateur sleuth.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Bitsie's Bakeshop Mystery' Novels (as 'Abby Byne')
 1) Raspberry Ripple Murder (e-novella)  2020
 2) Cherry Chocolate Murder (e-novella)  2020
 3) Strawberry Caramel Murder (e-novella)  2020
 4) Banana Cream Murder (e-novella)  2020
'Felicia's Food Truck Mystery' Novels (as 'Abby Byne')
 1) Fit to be French Fried (e-novella)  2019
 2) Hamburger Heist (e-novella)  2019
 3) Pizza Pie Puzzler (e-novella)  2019
 4) Hot Dog Horrors (e-novella)  2019
'Jane Carter' Novels (as 'Alice Simpson')
 1) The Curse (e-book) (Also published as: Peril at the Pink Lotus [2018])  2018
 2) Room Seven  2019
 3) The Missing Groom  2019
 4) The Oblivious Heiress  2019
 5) A Country Catastrophe  2019
 6) Robbery at Roseacres  2019
 7) Rogues on the River  2019
 8) Mr. Fielding Goes Missing  2019
'Ruby Hobbs' Novels
 1) Tabbies and Turpitude (e-novella)  2022
'Little Tombstone Cozy Mystery' Novels
 1) The Good, the Bad, and the Pugly  2019
 2) Rebel Without a Claus (e-novella)  2020
 3) Lonesome Glove  2020
 4) Something Borrowed, Something Chewed (e-novella)  2020
 5) Tamales at High Noon  2021
 6) Home on the Mange  2021
 7) The Trifleman (e-story)  2022
Other Novels
 1) Gnome for Christmas (e-story)  2020
 2) Mangos and Malice (as 'Abby Byne'; e-book)  2022