Henry Kuttner
Pseudonym: Lewis Padgett (with C.L. Moore)

Henry Kuttner was born in Los Angeles, California. He also wrote science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels and stories using many pseudonyms. He was married to Catherine Lucille Moore (1911-1987), a science fiction and fantasy writer. He died of a heart attack in Los Angeles. He is the creator of 'Michael Gray', a psychoanalyst and amateur sleuth in San Francisco, California.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Michael Gray' Novels
 1) The Murder of Eleanor Pope  1956
 2) The Murder of Ann Avery (Also published as: Masked for Murder [1957])  1956
 3) Murder of a Mistress  1957
 4) Murder of a Wife  1958
Other Novels
 1) Man Drowning (Possibly ghostwritten by Cleve Cartmill)  1952
As 'Lewis Padgett' (with C.L. Moore)
 1) The Brass Ring (Also published as: Murder in Brass [1947])  1946
 2) The Day He Died  1947