Wendi Lee (W.W. Lee)

Wendi Lee was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She currently lives in Muscatine, Iowa with her family. She is the creator of:
1. 'Jefferson Birch', a former Texas Ranger working as an agent for Tisdale Investigations in the 19th century (written as 'W.W. Lee').
2. 'Angela Matelli', a former Marine and now a private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Jefferson Birch' Novels (as W.W. Lee)
 1) Rogue's Gold  1989
 2) Rustler's Venom  1990
 3) Rancher's Blood  1991
 4) Robber's Trail  1992
 5) Outlaw's Fortune  1993
 6) Cannon's Revenge  1995
 'Angela Matelli' Novels
 1) The Good Daughter  1994
 2) Missing Eden  1996
 3) Deadbeat  1999
 4) He Who Dies  2000
 5) Habeas Campus  2002
 Other Novels (as W.W. Lee)
 1) Check Up and Other Stories (short stories)  2001