Albert Leffingwell
Pseudonyms: Dana Chambers and Giles Jackson

Albert Fear Leffingwell was an author and advertising executive. He died in New Haven, Connecticut. He is the creator of:
1. 'Nile Boyd', a reporter for the New York Clarion (under the pseudonym 'Giles Jackson').
2. 'Jim Steele', a radio ad man turned private detective based in New York City (under the pseudonym 'Dana Chambers').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Nile Boyd' Novels (as 'Giles Jackson')
 1) Witch's Moon (Also published as: Blood on the Blonde [1952; as by 'Dana Chambers'])  1941
 2) Court of Shadows  1943
 'Jim Steele' Novels (as 'Dana Chambers')
 1) Some Day I'll Kill You  1939
 2) Too Like the Lightning (Also published as: Too Like the Dead [1951])  1939
 3) She'll Be Dead by Morning  1940
 4) The Blonde Died First  1941
 5) The Frightened Man  1942
 6) The Last Secret  1943
 7) The Case of Caroline Animus (Also published as: Dear, Dead Woman [1948])  1946
 Other Novels
 1) Nine Against New York  1941
 As 'Dana Chambers'
 1) Darling, This Is Death  1945
 2) Death Against Venus  1946
 3) Rope for an Ape  1947