J. New

J. New was born in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. She is the creator of:
1 'Finch & Fischer Mystery' series featuring mobile librarian Penny Finch and her pup Fischer.
2.'Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery' series featuring Ella Bridges, a young widow and amateur sleuth in 1930s Britain.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Finch & Fisher Mystery' Novels
 1) Decked in the Hall  2018
 2) Death at the Duck Pond  2019
'Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery' Novels
 1) An Accidental Murder  2015
 2) The Curse of Arundel Hall  2017
 3) A Clerical Error  2018
 4) The Riviera Affair  2018
 5) A Double Life  2020