Abigail Padgett

Mary Abigail Padgett grew up in Vincennes, Indiana. She holds degrees from Indiana University, the University of Missouri and Washington University, St.Louis. She has taught high school English and college courses in Sociology and Creative Writing in San Diego and Boston, directed an ACLU chapter in Houston and worked as an advocate for the mentally ill. She is the creator of:
1. 'Bo Bradley', a child abuse investigator in San Diego, California.
2. 'Blue McCarron', an anthropologist in California.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Bo Bradley' Novels
 1) Child of Silence  1993
 2) Strawgirl  1994
 3) Turtle Baby  1995
 4) Moonbird Boy  1996
 5) The Dollmaker's Daughters  1997
 6) Stork Boy (e-book)  2019
'Blue McCarron' Novels
 1) Blue  1998
 2) The Last Blue Plate Special  2001
Other Novels
 1) Bone Blind  2011
 2) The Paper Doll Museum  2012
 3) An Unremembered Grave  2014
 4) Mandy Dru Mysteries (e-book) (short stories)  2015