Melville Davisson Post

Melville Davisson Post was born in Harrison County, West Virginia. He practiced criminal and corporate law. He died following a fall from a horse.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason (Also published as: Randolph Mason: The Strange Schemes [1922]) (short stories)  1896
 2) The Man of Last Resort; or, The Clients of Randolph Mason (Also published as: Randolph Mason: The Clients [1923]) (short stories)  1897
 3) The Corrector of Destinies (Also published as: Randolph Mason, Corrector of Destinies [1923]) (short stories)  1908
 4) The Nameless Thing (short stories)  2018
 5) Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries (short stories)  1918
 6) The Mystery at the Blue Villa (short stories)  1919
 7) The Sleuth of St. James's Square (short stories)  1920
 8) Monsieur Jonquelle, Prefect of Police (short stories)  1923
 9) Walker of the Secret Service (short stories)  1924
10) The Bradmoor Murder (UK Title: The Garden in Asia [1929]) (short stories)  1929
11) The Silent Witness (short stories)  1930
12) The Methods of Uncle Abner (short stories)  1974
13) The Complete Uncle Abner (short stories)  1977