Angela M. Sanders
Pseudonym: Clover Tate

Angela M. Sanders lives in Portland, Oregon. She is an author and former congressional investigator. She is the creator of:
1. 'Booster Club Capers' series featuring a club of former petty criminals.
2. 'Kite Shop Mystery' series featuring Emmy Adler, a kite shop owner in the fictional town of Rock Point, Oregon (under the pseudonym 'Clover Tate').
3. 'Vintage Clothing Mystery' series featuring Joanna Hayworth, a vintage clothing store owner in Portland, Oregon.
4. 'Witch Way Librarian Cozy Mystery' series featuring Josie Way, a librarian and witch in Wilfred, Oregon.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Booster Club Capers' Novels
 1) The Booster Club  2015
 2) Cat in a Bag  2017
 'Kite Shop Mystery' Novels (as 'Clover Tate')
 1) Blown Away  2017
 2) Live and Let Fly  2017
 3) Wuthering Kites  2018
 'Vintage Clothing Mystery' Novels
 1) The Lanvin Murders  2014
 2) Dior or Die  2014
 3) Slain in Schiaparelli  2015
 4) The Halston Hit  2016
 5) Head Case  2018
 6) Secret of the Blue Lily  2020
 'Witch Way Librarian Cozy Mystery' Novels
 1) Bait and Witch  2020
 2) Seven-Year Witch  2021