C.H. Sessums

Candace Olivia Hardin Sessum was born in Port Arthur, Texas. She lives in East Texas with her husband. She also writes romances under the name 'Olivia Hardin' and under the pseudonym 'Corilyn Holloway'. She is the creator of 'J.D. Pierson', a private investigator in 1930s Tyler, Texas. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'J.D. Pierson' Novels
 1) The Errant Heir Capers  2019
 2) The Killer Jack Mystery  2020
 3) The Case of the Texas Ranger  2020
 4) The Doubtful Death Mystery  2021
 5) The Christmas Kettle Caper (e-story)  2022
 6) The Missing Daughter Mystery  2022
 Other Novels
 1) Dark Road Winding (novella)  2019
 2) No Good Deed Unpunished  2023