Marc W. Shako

Pseudonym of Marc Wobschall. He lives in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. He is an author and screenwriter. He also writes non-fiction. He is the creator of:
1. 'Jack Talbot', a former detective who is involved with cases that are too bizarre for the police.
2. 'Northwoods Stories' series featuring different protagonists in the strangest town in the America.
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Titles and year of publication:

'Jack Talbot' Novels
 1) The Death of Laszlo Breyer  2017
 2) The Vanishing of Flight 187  2020
 3) Hex  2021
 4) Before the Dawn  2022
'Northwoods Stories' Novels
 1) The Event  2023
 2) Jane Doe  2023
Other Novels
 1) Ghosts of September  2019
 2) The Wilde Diaries  2020
 3) Rush of the Dead  2021