Chester K. Steele

Pseudonym of Edward Stratemeyer. He was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. After graduation from high school, he began writing juvenile fiction. He wrote many books and stories for young readers using numerous pseudonyms. In 1891, he married Magdalene Baker VanCamp. They had two daughters. In 1905, he founded the Stratemeyer Literary Syndicate. He hired numerous writers whom he supplied with characters, plot outlines, and pseudonyms. From the books listed below The Mansion of Mystery is the only book he wrote himself. The other books were written by members of his Syndicate. Stratemeyer died in Newark, New Jersey of lobar pneumonia.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Mansion of Mystery  1911
 2) The Diamond Cross Mystery (ghostwritten)  1918
 3) The Golf Course Mystery (ghostwritten)  1919
 4) The Crime at Red Towers (ghostwritten)  1927
 5) The House of Disappearances (ghostwritten)  1927
 6) The Great Radio Mystery (ghostwritten)  1928