Josephine Tey

Pseudonym of Elizabeth MacKintosh. She was born in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. She began her publishing career with verse under the name 'Gordon Daviot'. She published poetry and short stories in the Westminster Gazette, the Glasgow Herald and the Literary Review, until the publication of her first novel in 1929. Her first book Kif, an Unvarnished History was not a crime novel. Her second novel introduced Inspector Grant of Scotland Yard. It was written under the name 'Gordon Daviot'. For a number of years, she deserted the crime genre. In 1931 her second 'straight' novel The Expensive Halo was published. In 1936, she returned to the crime scene with a second novel starring Inspector Grant. After the Second World War, she published six crime novels in a row. Her last novel, an historical one, The Privateer was published posthumously in 1952.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Man in the Queue  1929
 2) A Shilling for Candles  1936
 3) Miss Pym Disposes  1946
 4) The Franchise Affair  1948
 5) Brat Farrar (Also published as: Come and Kill Me [1951]  1949
 6) To Love and Be Wise  1950
 7) The Daughter of Time  1951
 8) The Singing Sands  1952