Wendy M. Wilson

Wendy M. Wilson was born in New Zealand. As a young woman, she left New Zealand and settled in Canada where she lives in London, Ontario. She is an author and retired English professor. She is the creator of:
1. 'Frank Hardy', an ex-Army Sergeant in 19th century Manawatu, New Zealand.
2. 'James Hardy', a retired coachman and amateur sleuth in 19th century New Zealand.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Frank Hardy' Novels
 1) Not the Faintest Trace  2018
 2) Recalled to Life  2018
 3) A Dark and Painful Mystery (novella)  2018
 4) Dead Shot  2018
 5) Saving the Yule Man (e-story)  2019
 6) Lying Under Water  2020
 7) Come to Grief  2020
 8) Night Train to Napier  2021
 9) Come to Kill  2023
10) A Christmas Visitor (e-story)  2023
11) The Diehard (e-story; prequel to the series)  2024
'James Hardy' Novels
 1) Death in the Bush  2021
 2) Death in the Marsh  2022
 3) Death on the Walk  2022
 4) Death on the Sandbar  2023
 5) Death on the Docks  2024