Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Dylan Aaronovitch was born in Camden, London. He is an author and screenwriter. He wrote scripts for the television series Doctor Who, Casualty, Blake's 7, Dark Knight, and Jupiter Moon and novelizations of Doctor Who and Blake's 7. He is the creator of the 'Rivers of London' series featuring Peter Grant, a Police Constable and apprentice wizard.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Rivers of London (US Title: Midnight Riot [2011])  2011
 2) Moon Over Soho  2011
 3) Whispers Under Ground  2012
 4) Broken Homes  2013
 5) Foxglove Summer  2014
 6) The Hanging Tree  2017
 7) The Furthest Station (novella)  2017
 8) Lies Sleeping  2018
 9) The October Man (novella)  2019
10) False Value  2020