Robert Aickman

Robert Fordyce Aickman was born in London. He was an author, short story writer, conservationist, and co-founder of the Inland Waterways Association, a group devoted to restoring and preserving England's inland canal system.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Dark Entries (short stories)  1964
 2) Powers of Darkness (short stories)  1966
 3) Sub Rosa (short stories)  1968
 4) Cold Hand in Mine (short stories)  1975
 5) Tales of Love and Death (short stories)  1977
 6) Painted Devils (short stories)  1979
 7) Intrusions (short stories)  1980
 8) Night Voices (short stories)  1985
 9) The Wine-Dark Sea (short stories)  1988
10) The Unsettled Dust (short stories)  1990
11) The Collected Strange Stories (short stories in 2 volumes)  1999
12) The Strangers and Other Writings (short stories and non-fiction)  2015
13) The Late Breakfasters and Other Strange Stories (novel The Late Breakfasters and short stories)  2016
14) Compulsory Games (short stories)  2018