Frank Archer
Pseudonym: Patrick Wayland

Pseudonym of Richard O'Connor. He was born in La Porte, Indiana. He was an author, actor, newspaper reporter, and biographer. He is the creator of:
1. 'Joe Delaney', a police detective in San Francisco, California.
2. 'Lloyd Nicolson', a spy for an organization called Counterstroke (under the pseudonym 'Patrick Wayland').


Titles and year of publication:  

'Joe Delaney' Novels
 1) The Malabang Pearl  1964
 2) The Widow Watchers  1965
 3) The Turquoise Spike  1967
'Lloyd Nicolson' Novels (as 'Patrick Wayland')
 1) Counterstroke  1964
 2) Double Defector  1964
 3) The Waiting Game  1965
Other Novels
 1) Out of the Blue  1964
 2) The Naked Crusader  1972