Dallas Barnes

Dallas L. Barnes was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. He is an author, screenwriter and a retired Los Angeles Police Department detective. He wrote for television series like Baretta and Kojak. He is the creator of 'John Stryker', a detective sergeant in Los Angeles, California.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'John Stryker' Novels
 1) "See the Woman"  1973
 2) Badge of Honor  1974
 Other Novels
 1) Yesterday Is Dead  1976
 2) Deadly Justice  1987
 3) City of Passion  1988
 4) A Man in Heat  2018
 5) Naked Justice  2020
 6) City on Fire (Contains: Badge of Honor, City of Passion, Deadly Justice, See the Woman and Yesterday Is Dead)  2020
 7) Blood Brothers  2020
 8) Brotherhood of the Badge  Due September 2021