John Birmingham
Pseudonym: Harrison Biscuit

John Birmingham was born in Liverpool, England. He is a British born Australian author. In 1970 he moved with his parents to Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. He currently lives in Brisbane. He also writes science fiction novels. He is the creator of:
1. 'Axis of Time' series featuring a multinational peacekeeping force from the early 21st century being taken back in time to 1942.
2. 'David Hooper', an oil rig worker and monster-slayer.
3. 'End of Day' series featuring a handful of survivors after an apocalypse.
4. 'The Disappearance' series featuring an alternate history in which America has disappeared.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Axis of Time' Novels
 1) Weapons of Choice  2004
 2) Designated Targets  2005
 3) Final Impact  2006
 4) Stalin's Hammer: Rome (novella)  2012
 5) Stalin's Hammer: Cairo (e-novella)  2016
 6) Stalin's Hammer: Paris (e-novella)  2016
 7) Stalin's Hammer: The Complete Sequence (contains all three novellas)  2017
'David Hooper' Novels
 1) Dave vs. the Monsters: Emergence  2015
 2) Dave vs. the Monsters: Resistance  2015
 3) Dave vs. the Monsters: Ascendance  2015
 4) A Protocol for Monsters (e-novella)  2016
 5) A Soul Full of Guns (e-novella)  2016
'End of Day' Novels
 1) Zero Day Code  2021
 2) Fail State (e-book)  2021
 3) American Kill Switch (e-book)  2022
'The Disappearance' Novels
 1) Without Warning  2008
 2) After America  2010
 3) Angels of Vengeance  2011
As 'Harrison Biscuit'
 1) The Search for Savage Henry  1995