EM Bolton

Pseudonym of a husband and wife writing team who live in the Cotswolds, England. They are the creators of 'Ellie Blaine', an American amateur sleuth in 1920s Yorkshire, England.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) A Secret of Feathers (e-book)  2022
 2) The Dozen Witches (e-book)  2022
 3) The Cat from Nowhere (e-book)  2022
 4) A Race to Death (e-book)  2022
 5) A Very Peculiar Piece (e-book)  2023
 6) The Malabar Hotel Mystery (e-book)  2023
 7) A Sliver of Doubt (e-book)  2023
 8) The Purple Gecko (e-book)  2023