J.C. Briggs

Jean Briggs taught English and English Literature for many years in schools in Cheshire, Lancashire, and Hong Kong. She currently lives in Cumbria. Her novels feature 'Charles Dickens', the famous 19th century author as an amateur sleuth. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Charles Dickens' Novels
 1) The Murder of Patience Brooke  2012
 2) Death at Hungerford Stairs  2015
 3) Murder by Ghostlight  2016
 4) The Quickening and the Dead  2019
 5) At Midnight in Venice  2019
 6) The Redemption Murders  2020
 7) The Mystery of the Hawke Sapphires  2021
 8) The Chinese Puzzle  2021
 9) Summons to Murder  2021
10) The Jaggard Case  2022
11) The Waxwork Man  2023
Other Novels
 1) The Legacy of Foulstone Manor  2024