Alan Caillou
Pseudonym: Alex Webb

Pseudonym of Alan Samuel Lyle-Smythe. He was born in Surrey. He was an author, actor, screenwriter, soldier, policeman, and professional hunter. Lyle-Smythe trained as an actor before serving with the Palestine Police in the 1930s. In World War II, he joined the Intelligence Corps of the British Army. After the war, he was a police chief in Ethiopia, a district officer in Somalia and the founder of a theatrical company in Africa. He is the creator of:
1. 'Mike Benasque', a journalist and former OSS agent.
2. 'Cabot Cain', a freelance operative who works exclusively for Interpol.
3. 'Josh Dekker', the leader of a guerrilla squad in occupied France in WW2 (under the pseudonym 'Alex Webb').
4. 'Ian Quayle', a gentleman, scholar, playboy, and secret agent.
5. 'Matthew Tobin', the colonel of a private army of mercenaries.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Mike Benasque' Novels
 1) The Plotters  1960
 2) Marseilles  1964
 3) Who'll Buy My Evil?  1966
 4) Diamonds Wild  1979
 'Cabot Cain' Novels
 1) Assault on Kolchak  1969
 2) Assault on Ming  1969
 3) Assault on Loveless  1969
 4) Assault on Fellawi  1972
 5) Assault on Agathon  1972
 6) Assault on Aimata  1975
 'Josh Dekker' Novels (as 'Alex Webb')
 1) Dekker's Demons  1985
 2) Blood Run  1985
 'Ian Quayle' Novels
 1) A League of Hawks  1986
 2) The Sword of God  1987
 'Matthew Tobin' Novels
 1) Dead Sea Submarine  1971
 2) Terror in Rio  1971
 3) Congo War Cry  1972
 4) Afghan Assault  1972
 5) Swamp War  1973
 6) Death Charge  1973
 7) The Garonsky Missile  1976
 Other Novels
 1) Rogue's Gambit  1955
 2) Alien Virus (US Title: Cairo Cabal [1974])  1957
 3) Rampage  1961
 4) A Journey to Orassia  1965
 5) The Mindanao Pearl  1973