Rebecca Cantrell

Rebecca Cantrell lives on Hawaii with her family. She is fluent in German and lived for many years in Berlin, Germany. She is the creator of:
1. 'Malibu Mystery' series featuring Sofia Salgado, a former child star turned private investigator in Los Angeles, California (with Sean Black).
2. 'Joe Tesla', an agoraphobic software millionaire who lives in the tunnels under New York City.
3. 'Hannah Vogel', a crime reporter in 1930s Berlin.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Malibu Mystery' Novels (with Sean Black)
 1) "A" Is for Asshat (Also published as: "A" Is for Actress [2015])  2015
 2) "B" Is for Bad Girls  2015
 3) "C" Is for Coochy Coo  2016
 4) "D" Is for Drunk  2016
 5) "E" Is for Exposed  2017
 6) "F" Is for Fred  2019
 7) "G" Is for Groovy  2020
 'Joe Tesla' Novels
 1) The World Beneath  2013
 2) The Tesla Legacy  2015
 3) The Chemistry of Death  2015
 4) The Steel Shark  2017
 'Hannah Vogel' Novels
 1) A Trace of Smoke (Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award, Macavity Award)  2009
 2) A Night of Long Knives  2010
 3) A Game of Lies  2011
 4) A City of Broken Glass  2012
 Other Novels
 1) City of Screams (e-story) (with James Rollins)  2012
 2) The Blood Gospel (with James Rollins)  2013
 3) Innocent Blood (with James Rollins)  2013
 4) Blood Brothers (e-story) (with James Rollins)  2014
 5) Blood Infernal (with James Rollins)  2015
 6) Cigarette Boy and Other Stories (short stories)  2017
 7) Caulbearer (e-story)  2020
 8) Homework (e-story)  2020