A.B. Cunningham
Pseudonym: Estil Dale

Albert Benjamin Cunningham was born in Linden, West Virginia. In 1913 he received a B.A. degree from Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio. He later attended New York University where he obtained a M.A. degree in 1916. During World War I, he served as a chaplain for a short time. After the war he returned to New York University, where in 1929 he received a Ph.D. in Sociology and Psychology. He taught English for the rest of his career. He retired in 1945 as professor emeritus. He is the creator of 'Jess Roden', a sheriff in Kentucky. Cunningham also wrote under the pseudonym 'Estil Dale'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Murder at Deer Lick  1939
 2) Murder at the Schoolhouse  1940
 3) The Strange Death of Manny Square  1941
 4) The Bancock Murder Case  1942
 5) Death at "The Bottoms"  1942
 6) The Affair of the Boat Landing  1943
 7) The Great Yant Mystery  1943
 8) Death Visits the Apple Hole  1945
 9) Murder Before Midnight  1945
10) The Cane-Patch Mystery  1946
11) Death of a Bullionaire  1946
12) Death Rides a Sorrel Horse  1946
13) One Man Must Die  1946
14) Death Haunts the Dark Lane  1948
15) The Death of a Wordly Woman  1948
16) Murder Without Weapons  1949
17) The Hunter Is the Hunted (Also published as: Blood Runs Cold [1954])  1950
18) The Killer Watches the Manhunt  1950
19) Skeleton in the Closet  1951
20) Who Killed Pretty Becky Low?  1951
21) Strange Return  1952
As 'Estil Dale'
 1) The Last Survivor  1952