Margaret Falk
Pseudonym: J. Carson Black

Margaret Falk was born in Tucson, Arizona where she still lives with her husband. She also wrote two historical romance novels, Superstitions (1998) and The Tombstone Rose (2000) under the pseudonym 'Annie McKnight'. She is the creator of:
1. 'Laura Cardinal', a criminal investigator with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (under the pseudonym 'J. Carson Black').
2. 'Maggie O'Neil', a probation officer in Tombstone, Arizona (under the pseudonym 'J. Carson Black').
3. 'Cyril Landry', a mercenary for The Shop, an organization that has hire him to kill people (under the pseudonym 'J. Carson Black').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Laura Cardinal' Novels (as 'J. Carson Black')
 1) Darkness on the Edge of Town  2005
 2) Dark Side of the Moon  2006
 3) The Devil's Hour (e-book)  2007
 4) Cry Wolf (e-novella)  2013
 5) Flight 12 (e-novella)  2014
 6) Ladies Man (e-novella)  2019
'Maggie O'Neil' Novels (as 'J. Carson Black')
 1) Roadside Attraction (e-book)  2013
 2) Vicious Cycle  2018
'Cyril Landry' Novels (as 'J. Carson Black')
 1) The Shop  2011
 2) The Bluelight Special (e-story)  2011
 3) Hard Return  2014
 4) Spectre Black  2015
Other Novels
 1) Darkscope  1990
 2) Dark Horse  1995
 3) The Desert Waits  1996
 4) Icon (as 'J. Carson Black')  2012
 5) The Survivor's Club (as 'J. Carson Black')  2013
 6) Bad Mojo (short stories) (e-book) (as 'J. Carson Black')  2017